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"Nicole is a gift from the gods, a truth-speaker full of wisdom, joy and the beauty of life. After working with her, I can 100% say that Nicole is a woman who is living her life to her full potential and successfully encouraging others to do the same. I am delighted to have her as a resource to inspire and motivate me through all of life's experiences. She is definitely one of the most inspiring and empowering people I know!

Nicole has an abundance of love and passion for all that she does, and I highly recommend her as someone who can enhance your life in a matter of minutes. Her work is enriched by her extensive travels and diverse experiences, making her incredibly knowledgeable, understanding and compassionate. I treasure the ways in which Nicole continues to help me through the hurdles of life and will always be grateful for the connection of a true kindred spirit."

Sammy | Perth, Australia


"Just being in Nicole's presence heightens my mood and lightens my heart. She lives her life in a state of ecstasy and bliss, exuding joy and love from the deepest part of her being. Her coaching style is very intuitive, heart-centered, and divinely inspired. I instantly felt a shift in my vibrational state during the channeled affirmative prayer she spoke to me. I also experienced a deep sense of peace and serenity during and after the Deeksha blessing she gave me.

Nicole is an old soul who is wise beyond her years. This is a woman who is living her truth and yearns to help people do the same. Nicole's coaching will help you tap into your authentic bliss and awaken the dormant power that lies within you. I highly recommend working (playing) with her!"

Brittany | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


"Nicole is a vibrant woman. She lives, breaths and is true to herself in all of her manifestations. Nicole has opened my eyes to so much creative beauty within myself and the world around me. I am truly grateful for her incredible inspiration. Nicole will inspire, empower, and ignite your inner calling to be all that you are destined to be. Her intuitive wisdom is beyond the conscious mind and you can sense her inner peace simply by being in her presence during the sessions. Nicole's personal journey has been so expansive and vast, and her views on life are very profound and life changing. I can only thank her for having shared her wonderful spirit with me, and for sharing that with the world."

Tracy São Paulo, Brazil


“Why choose Nicole as your life coach? Quite simply, she is incredibly helpful. She will guide you to see your inner truth, having done the same thing for herself. She will not tell you what you should do, instead she will be your light, guiding you to see clearer in your own life journey.

She has an incredibly open heart and is an open channel to listen to what you are saying and to truly feel how you are feeling. She is not only highly observant, but she also has a very rich awareness of the inner world. You will be inspired by her intuition of the truth she sees.

She’s there for heart to heart conversations as well as straight-talking life strategies.  She always ensures a mutual connection between both of you. You will enjoy her service and her passion in helping people live lives that feel good from the inside out. A life where you are fully awakened.”

Jackie | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


“Being coached by Nicole was an amazing spiritual revolutionary experience. She acts as a spiritual flash light and emits her radiant positive energy into the corners of your consciousness. With the help of her light your own flame grows brighter and stronger and you become more aware of your body, mind, and spirit. When your light and awareness strengthen your world changes and grows to its full potential. I would compare my coaching experience with Nicole to that of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Prior to coaching I felt like my world was black and white however after coaching with Nicole, I feel like I’m in Oz, my world is full of color, life, and creativity! If you are looking to shine your own light on the world of possibilities that are awaiting you, then I would wholeheartedly recommend investing in coaching sessions with Nicole Hemmer!”

Tiffany | Hwasun, South Korea


“Nicole’s coaching sessions were very valuable to me. I truly appreciated Nicole’s presence, gentleness, openness, intuition and resourcefulness. She helped me to shift my reality. I felt safe, comfortable, supported and encouraged. In every session, I learned something new and experienced fundamental shifts. I was delighted by the quick change and consistent results that the coaching relationship brought to me. These coaching sessions with Nicole were empowering, inspiring, innovative, insightful, enjoyable and productive.

Nicole created a personalized affirmative statement for me based on my intentions and desired outcome for my future. My dream was clearly articulated back to me in detail through a visualization process. It was exactly what I wanted, and was powerful to hear it from her as a coach. As I listened to my own dream from Nicole, I experienced excitement and felt that the dream was already part of me here and now, no longer was it somewhere out there. There is nothing more powerful than someone who truly believes in you – even more than I believe in myself. I really appreciated Nicole’s wonderful help to move towards my dreams and better my life and wellbeing.”

Kayomi | Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


“Nicole's spirit, intelligence, and intuition are a force to be reckoned with. She would hear the underlying messages and truths in the things I expressed and asked thought-provoking questions that uncovered so many essential things about myself. We discovered what my core desires were, my true passions, and she equipped me with life-long skills and exercises to help me chart and navigate my path. 

With her intuition and skills she has changed my life in just 3 sessions. Nicole has done what Oprah and Deepak Chopra were unable to do. She connected with me through encouraging, inspiring and compassionate conversations and created customized exercises for me to integrate everything into my daily life. When I think of Nicole, she has this light and confidence to her that always leaves me with a positive impression.

Thank you Nicole for opening your heart and mind to me and for removing the mental barriers to living and feeling the life I desire. You have enlightened me and helped me reach the richness, joy, and abundance I was seeking; it was all around me, I just had to be open to receive it. I look forward to continuing this spiritual exchange with you!”

Monica | Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“Nicole has lit the spiritual fire within me, her knowledge and passion for spirituality pours from her soul and I can feel it every time I speak with her. Her aura is empowering and her soul speaks to mine. I connected with Nicole when I decided to tap into my own spiritually. I had already began to tap in on my own by researching and listening to live internet broadcasts, but I felt like I was missing something, I felt I needed more information and more insight.

After my first session with Nicole, I instantly felt like I had all the pieces of the puzzle and it was up to me to put them together. She shared information I was unaware of, affirmations, her experiences and exercises I should do to enhance my spirituality. I became more mindful and aware and I put my spirituality into practice like never before! She has taught me so much about myself and has helped me tap into my inner self. She is the most inspirational and empowering women I have ever met. She is a positive beam of light and it radiates from her being.  I am very grateful to have connected with Nicole and because of her, I am on my path. Her light shines bright, you can see it in her eyes and on her skin, she has a passion like no other and she wants to share it with the world!”
Miranda | Chatham, Ontario, Canada


“When working with Nicole, you feel a dialogue begin to emerge from within. Guidance from Nicole allows you to dig deeper for self-knowledge, reflection and wisdom. Her gentle nature and overall character are so open and expansive, and her natural curiosity and zest for life are an attraction that cannot be over stated. She is remarkable, truly talented and humble. Nicole has inspired me to set my goals higher with complete trust.

Coaching by Nicole is a life art. You’ll experience an expression of yourself with added color and dimension. A peaceful feeling and connection is felt after each session. Life is more clear, and the path forward is strongly felt and desired. Working with Nicole, I have experienced growth in my relationships, work-life balance and creative flow into my new business.

Her support in coaching and the services she provides is definitely worth thousands of dollars.”

Allison | Calgary, Alberta, Canada


"Nicole’s soft voice and gentleness opens up a safe place…a place for healing and love to flourish…a place where you just want to be. She is akin to an angel walking on this earth healing those she comes in contact with through her angelic presence, whole heart and soul. It is her purpose and what she was born to do."

Suzanne | Laconia, New Hampshire, USA


“My coaching session with Nicole was extremely powerful. She not only helped remind me of my goals, but more importantly, she helped me to discover who I am inside. I had been focused on negatives in my personality, but she threw open the doors of my mind and body to remind me of my positive qualities. My session with Nicole was productive and creative. I received her advice and put it into action. I am now waking up in the mornings with gratefulness. I am grateful and I am enough.”

Deniz | Istanbul, Turkey


“Nicole has really inspired me on my journey. She encourages me to create the kind of exciting life that I want by shining so brightly herself! She is a very inspiring person, and radiates light while at the same time, retains a certain sense of humility that people can relate to.

I would highly recommend hiring Nicole as a life coach because she understands both the depths and heights of what it is to be human. She has lived the life she talks about and can help you find your own experience – the kind you deeply desire to live and create. She really is a gem and has so much to give this world.”

Sandy | Eugene, Oregon, USA


“Spending time with Nicole is like a breath of fresh air. She truly is a brilliant light in this world. I once had an experience of feeling overwhelmed and very busy mentally, but when Nicole put her hands on me, I came back to the present moment and felt peace. Nicole’s gorgeous, compassionate heart enables her to have a wonderful healing presence. A teacher’s wish is for the student to surpass them, and Nicole has definitely achieved that. I feel so blessed to have been her teacher and friend. I am excited for anyone who has the chance to experience Nicole’s coaching sessions.” 

Debra | Burlington, Ontario, Canada


"Nicole is simply a divine human being. She embodies the words intentional, creative and Goddess. Nicole explores the world with courage, tenacity and an open heart and truly gives herself 100% to any endeavor she commits to, which is especially evident in her coaching sessions. As a leader, she is bold yet delicate. As a coach, she is probing yet expansive. I am grateful to have her in my life as a friend, sister and advocate of conscious creative living.”

Ashley | Atlanta, Georgia, USA


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