Connect With Me This Summer

My summer in South Korea has been beautiful the past few weeks.

It has included: Rice fields, green tea plantations, islands, beaches, bamboo forests, ancient mountains, temple visits and time on the ocean.

I’ve been living in abundance and have experienced so much beauty.

Just yesterday after walking through some green tea fields, spending time in the mountains, and visiting Wando Island, I felt inspired to create a special coaching package for this summer for those who are interested in receiving and experiencing sessions with me.

I’m feeling really generous from all the unique things I’ve been able to experience and do the past few months in Korea and I’m overflowing with life, love, and passion in wanting to serve, inspire and uplift.

For this Summer Special, I am offering a HUGE discount on my sessions which is an incredible deal, and worthwhile investment.

I have completed the transformational coaching professional training program at Sofia University in California and have my official certification as a Certified Life Coach.

As a part of my training, I have given over 50 hours of coaching to clients and have received 18 hours of professional coaching. As a part of my certification, I invested in three sessions with a Master Certified Coach (MCC) + Certified Mentor Coach from the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Why do I love receiving coaching sessions, even as a life coach?

Each time I've had a session with my coach I have completely expanded my awareness, thinking and ways of looking at my life. I’ve experienced huge shifts in my perception and in what’s possible for my life. I’ve appreciated my coach’s wisdom, insight, depth, thought provoking questions, awareness, compassionate heart, multidimensional listening skills, clear intuition and presence. I experienced clarity, excitement and the feeling of being even more on purpose after each session. I’ve also learned so much more about myself through receiving life coaching that is grounded in transpersonal psychology and recognizes the spiritual dimension of being human.

One of the most important things I learned at a young age is to always invest tremendously in yourself. That's what I have been doing all my life; investing in life experiences, travel, and education. Everything always makes us more and the real richness is always within. Investing in sessions where you are learning more about yourself, growing in awareness and expanding your vision of what's possible for your life is priceless. And sometimes having someone to navigate your life path with who is there to support you 100% and is able to share wisdom and a new perspective is like pure gold. We all deserve to invest in ourselves, and the more we invest in ourselves, the more our life reflects our inner richness. 

Life coaching for me is the professional extension of who I am. I’m like an anam cara for my clients in addition to being a life coach. In the Celtic tradition, an anam cara meant “soul friend”. Someone you talk about the most meaningful things in your life with and the connection is sacred.

I love helping people navigate their life paths and find connection, meaning and purpose within their experiences and challenges. I love being a soul friend. I’m really excited to offer this special onetime summer package, and spaces are limited to only 10 spots because I want to invest all my time and energy into these 10 people I will work with and serve this summer as a life coach, guide, mentor and soul friend. 

Sessions are available for both men and women. 

I see you. I'm here for you.

With Love, Beauty and Magic...


PS-If you would like to hear some of the wonderful things my clients have said about my coaching + mentoring + life guidance sessions click here.

What My Mom Taught Me

With Mother’s Day being last Sunday, I was recently thinking about some of the best things that my mom taught me growing up. I haven’t had the chance to write on my blog the things I have wanted to express recently, since I’ve been working on my final 20 page Transpersonal Integration Thesis Paper. I will be graduating next month with my Master’s of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology. After two years of studying in sixteen countries, I am SO excited to almost be done! ^.^

The 5 most important things my mom taught me directly:

1.)   Trust yourself.

2.)   Listen to your intuition. =It’s always right.

3.)  You can be anything you want in life.

4.)   Your body is your sacred temple.                                         Honor it.

5.)   I am strong, beautiful, smart, athletic, healthy and capable of doing anything I want. She always complimented me growing up, and affirmed my intrinsic worth which has contributed to my solid self esteem and confidence to go out into the world and make my dreams come true.

The things she taught me indirectly just from being what she is:

1.) Be Passionate.

2.) Love of life…living from the heart.

3.) Open heart.

4.) Humanistic values. Nobody is higher or lower than me, everyone has the same value and worth. She often told me that the same life spark that lives in me, lives in all humans.

5.) Living fearlessly. Being bold.

6.) Generosity…giving, giving, giving.

7.) Being a person who radiates warmth.

8.) Empathy.

9.) She introduced me to spirituality and personal development. Growing up she often did Tibetan Reiki on me, taught me about the chakra’s in my body, how to heal myself, work with energy and to have an open third eye. My mother has always had strong intuitive gifts. 

My mom is the kind of person who loves ALL people. She has a heart of gold, and is one of the most warmest, loving and open hearted people I know. Growing up I always thought my mom was so beautiful, and she reminded me of a movie star. Yet, even with being so beautiful she was always so down to earth, relatable and I don’t think she even thought about “being beautiful”. Same is still true today. Indirectly she showed me that it was much more important what was inside of you, then how you looked on the outside. 

My mother was my best friend growing up. 

Szeretlek anya. 



Be True to Yourself

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” -Friedrich Nietzsche


Open to Life

Be completely open. And keep opening...
Life is so much sweeter when you're open to ALL of life.
Open to the beauty. Open to the pain.
Embracing it all. Living it all. 
Everything is meant to be experienced. 
You can shrink, or you can expand.
Allow the world to open you.