My Dream

Last night I had a dream where I was being chased by these strange men. I was running and hiding, and eventually in the dream I woke up in the dream, and realized it was just a dream I was in; and that the characters chasing me were only projections of my imagination. 

I knew with certainty that they were not real, while still being IN the dream. As soon as I knew it was just a dream, instead of running away, I went running directly towards them FEARLESSLY and FIERCELY! Instead of being controlled by fear, I was liberated in freedom. How can you be afraid of something any longer when you know its not real? When you know its just an illusion? Just a play? I started to hunt them, instead of being their prey.

I ran towards them; the ones that were chasing me for so long. I confronted them calmly, rooted in this clear knowing of truth that they didn't exist in reality. As I looked into their eyes, I told them rather matter of factly that they simply didn't exist in reality, and I knew they were only illusions created in this dream. Then they disappeared. 

When I really woke up in bed, I felt and knew that this reality we are in is also just a big dream. I am still dreaming now, yet I call this "reality". What is true reality—beyond the dreamer and the dream? What is truly real?

Many pictures and dreams. Many ilusions. Many dreams being dreamed simultanesouly all the time in this matrix. In a way, we are all in our own dream. Living heaven or living nightmares; and many spectrums in-between. 

Yet, when we are so strongly and clearly anchored in the truth of reality, and see clearly—all the games, illusions and projections simply disappear in the realization of Truth. 

Nothing else has power over you anymore. 
Nothing else threatens your existence.
When you start to run towards those things that you once were running from, you become the Light that dissolves the darkness of ignorance and disillusionment. 

This life is a big dream testing us in faith, initiation, courage and the ability to see reality clearly...even when it really feels 'real'. To go beyond whats feels real, into true knowingness. 

Clear seeing. Clear knowing. The eye of All. 

~ Nicole Hemmer

What do you do when you feel the collective pain of the world? ☾ ✞ ☽

What do you do when you feel the entire suffering of the earth within your own being? 
What do you do when you feel the currents of negativity moving through you? 

This is what has been present for me the past few days.

I went to an event here in Tel Aviv a few days ago, with the intention to connect with sisters here in Israel. At the end of the circle, I was experiencing shooting pain in my heart center--consistently. I could barely walk out of the room as the pain in my heart was so strong and intense. I felt so much darkness, heaviness, pain, and suffering moving through me. It was not personal suffering, but the collective suffering that was present in the room from all the women. During the event I felt all the emotions of the women within my own body, and at the end I felt like I had taken on the pain of the room. Or the pain had entered me.

As I sat in the car, I took a moment to breathe. 
To be with all this darkness inside me. To allow it to be there.
Usually, my natural state of being is in a state of love, joy and lightness. 

All this heaviness that I was feeling was like a foreign entity that had invaded my system. I felt strong negativity, irritation, frustration and the undercurrents of bitchiness within my system. All just forms of one main energy--pain. All of this was not who I am, and I was witnessing all this heaviness within me from my I AM presence. Fully seeing it with awakened consciousness. Watching it move through me...seeing how these subtle energies affected my thoughts, my temperament and mind.

The next day, I went to nature and sat beside a lake in the forest to transmute these energies moving within me. I sat in meditation for hours, being still...breathing...allowing...fully feeling all of it. 

The more strongly we are rooted in our True Nature, the more challenges will come to see how deeply we know ourselves to be the Infinite Light. 

Even darkness and pain, wants to be transmuted into the Light.

If we don't have an awareness of our Essential Being, it can be much more challenging to remain centered in our True Nature when negativity, pain and darkness washes through. Some people get consumed by these currents; and act, react, speak and become one with the pain--as opposed to having a spacious awareness within that has the capacity to SEE it without identifying with it. 

The pain is NOT WHO YOU ARE.

Breathe. Give it space. Allow it to be. 
All forces within will be alchemized and transmuted into our Essential Nature. 

There is a huge wave happening on the Earth right now, a wave of fear...pain...suffering...washing through us all. Some of us feel it more intensely because we are so open. Some may feel their own personal pain coming up, and others feel the collective pain moving through...all in Oneness.

The path of a yogini= to transmute everything within into pure love.

Remember, the Love that you are is the solidity of God.
Don't be afraid of the darkness. 

When we all bring presence and consciousness to the suffering within and without, the world will be transformed--and a new Earth will be birthed. There is so much Light and high frequencies streaming into the Earth at this time, which is why so much darkness and pain is coming to the surface to be released; individually and collectively.

We are all in this together. <3

For all my Family of Light on this Earth, stay true to the essential core of your being that KNOWS what is real. The part within that knows Truth. You know Who You Are. The Light of Consciousness will burn everything that is not of its true nature, back into its pure essence of Love. 

The waves are strong currently, yet your Light, Presence and Consciousness is even stronger then anything of this world. Stay rooted in your Eternal Nature, and burn as the true embodiment of Divinity that is encapsulated as the light of your soul.

The Earth needs us all now more then ever to be beacons of light, so that planetary transformation can happen with the highest Dispensation of Grace.

I am with you all.

All my love and heart wide open.


☾ ✞ ☽

How would you live if you were fully free of fear? ☾ ✞ ☽

How would you live if you were fully free of fear?
What action would you take if you didn’t feel afraid?
What would your Life look like if you lived in a constant state of Love and Trust?

All my life, I have felt fear every time I decided I was going to do something that mattered. Whether that was following my inner guidance, traveling to a foreign country or stepping beyond my comfort zone.

I have learned to make friends with fear. To become comfortable with fear, and to accept it as a part of this matrix of life.

REMEMBER: Fear is just fear. ∞

The problem with fear, is only when we as humans see it for something its not. We give it too much power. Instead of feeling the power within ourselves, we give fear our power.

Many people experience so much fear, that actually blocks them from living their Highest Destiny life that they are meant to live.

We are not on this Earth to live in cages. We are not here to live as slaves. We are not here to be “small”.

We are infinite Creators of Oneness, unified in God, Powerful Radiant Fully Alive Awake Beings of Light and Consciousness that are here to live fully, totally becoming our purest and truest Divine Essence and Expression. We are here to live and create Heaven on Earth. We are here to be fully liberated sparks of Infinity, expressing…becoming…and expanding into our fullest potential. 

The starlight we see in the sky, is a reflection of the starlight that dwells within our own Being. 

Don’t allow fear to stop you from living the life you are meant to live. 
Never forget the magnificence of your being.
Never forget that you were born on this Earth for a Divine Purpose.
Never forget that you are pure undiluted Love at the core of your essence. 
Never forget that you CAN live in a constant state of Love and Trust, where you become the Miracle of Life; unified with all of Creation.

Fear is not meant to block you at the door from becoming who you are meant to become and doing what you need to do in this Life.

Fear is there to CHALLENGE you in your strength of COMMITMENT and CONVICTION to fully live your truth, and step beyond the veils of the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Don’t be satisfied with complacency. We see it everyday.

Be bold and walk your own unique path of your Highest Resonance, and even if that means walking alone for sometime…walk alone.
Being true to one’s self hasn’t always been easy, buts its definitely worth it. 

Dare to be different, and follow your highest guidance in this life.
Don’t compromise. Live fully and completely. And love without limits. We all have the capacity to love totally, freely and wildly. 
When fear is melted back into Love, only love remains.
Just as darkness is transmuted back into the Infinite Light. 

We are all going to “die” one day. 
You might as well live freely while you are here on this Earth. 
Making your life your masterpiece. 
Life is art. You are art.
Service to All.
Living in innocent joy.
Enrapturing in ecstasy.

There is a great service that one brings to this Earth when they break the chains of fear, and fully blossom into their fullest actualization and expression.

Next time you feel fear, SMILE and LOVE the fear.
Know you are on the way of expanding, growing and evolving past the edges that once confined you…into an even more expanded, crystalline and beautiful being that you are. 

Embody what you love.
You are an Extraordinary Being.

When you make evolution, growth and expansion your number one commitment; fear will smile back at you and say “thank you” for seeing through me and choosing to pass through the initiations that come from walking your path boldly, truly, and fiercely committed to something much greater…rooted in a deeper Truth and in Service to Life, as opposed to being encaged by one of life’s initiators—known to many as “fear”. 

May we all come home to our Infinite Nature and True Essential Light,

☾ ✞ ☽

Do What You Love

When I was traveling last month in the South of France, I received an interesting email through my website from a University Professor from Ghent University in Belgium. 

She is a researcher in Gender Studies and is currently based in Berlin for a year doing a research project on Women’s Wellbeing and Spirituality today. She had already interviewed women in Belgium and the Netherlands who are active in leading and facilitating Women Circle’s and Festivals, along with Coaches who work with notions of Feminine Power, Feminine Essence and the Sacred Feminine. It turns out she came across my website and was intrigued with what I am doing. She was reaching out to me in the hopes that she could expand her research and bring in a more international focus by interviewing me. 

Last week, I met with her at a cafe in Berlin and we did the interview. She was curious about my personal journey and the work I have been doing with women around the world this past year. It was a fascinating experience to be interviewed by an academic professor on the topic of WOMEN’S SPIRITUALITY, WELL BEING and the SACRED FEMININE. Since her research project is ethnographical, she wanted to participate in a women’s circle. 

I never in my life would have imagined that one day a university professor would want to interview me on Women’s Spirituality and about the Sacred Women Circle’s I have been leading and facilitating this past year. When I did my Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology (the study of psychology, spirituality and consciousness) from a university in California; I had thought that that was one of the only universities in the world that offered academic programs in the realms of spirituality, self actualization and bridging modern day spirituality with western psychology. There definitely are not that many universities (yet) that are so liberal and open to having academic disciplines in spirituality, and that are more holistic in nature encompassing body, mind, heart and soul—as opposed to just the mental realm. 

So when I received this submission on my website, I was amazed and in awe. And Excited! :D

The reason I share this today is for the reminder it has brought me: 


Follow your heart and you will always be successful. Sometimes the fruit doesn’t ripen until the perfect timing. You can’t always see the whole path ahead of you, but you can feel the magical string of your inner knowing taking you on your golden Highest Destiny path. Study what you LOVE. Live what you love. Do what you love, even when the world tells you to be “practical, careful, logical, and reasonable”. Life rewards the BRAVE. Life rewards those that trailblazer their own unique path and carve out their own unique way of living and being in the world. You will always be supported when you are being true to yourself. 

And what I continue to discover on the path, is that the more closely you are in true alignment with what you are really meant to be doing in the world, the more the path expands and widens like a sunflower stretching open to the sun. Things come to you effortlessly, and grace prevails the path…because when you are in internal alignment, you are simultaneously in alignment with All of Life and Creation. You are serving something much greater then yourself when you come into full alignment and live from the internal impetus of direction, action, inspiration and creation. 

Everything and anything is possible. 
Everything and anything is possible.
Everything and anything is possible.

~ Nicole