Do What You Love

When I was traveling last month in the South of France, I received an interesting email through my website from a University Professor from Ghent University in Belgium. 

She is a researcher in Gender Studies and is currently based in Berlin for a year doing a research project on Women’s Wellbeing and Spirituality today. She had already interviewed women in Belgium and the Netherlands who are active in leading and facilitating Women Circle’s and Festivals, along with Coaches who work with notions of Feminine Power, Feminine Essence and the Sacred Feminine. It turns out she came across my website and was intrigued with what I am doing. She was reaching out to me in the hopes that she could expand her research and bring in a more international focus by interviewing me. 

Last week, I met with her at a cafe in Berlin and we did the interview. She was curious about my personal journey and the work I have been doing with women around the world this past year. It was a fascinating experience to be interviewed by an academic professor on the topic of WOMEN’S SPIRITUALITY, WELL BEING and the SACRED FEMININE. Since her research project is ethnographical, she wanted to participate in a women’s circle. 

I never in my life would have imagined that one day a university professor would want to interview me on Women’s Spirituality and about the Sacred Women Circle’s I have been leading and facilitating this past year. When I did my Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology (the study of psychology, spirituality and consciousness) from a university in California; I had thought that that was one of the only universities in the world that offered academic programs in the realms of spirituality, self actualization and bridging modern day spirituality with western psychology. There definitely are not that many universities (yet) that are so liberal and open to having academic disciplines in spirituality, and that are more holistic in nature encompassing body, mind, heart and soul—as opposed to just the mental realm. 

So when I received this submission on my website, I was amazed and in awe. And Excited! :D

The reason I share this today is for the reminder it has brought me: 


Follow your heart and you will always be successful. Sometimes the fruit doesn’t ripen until the perfect timing. You can’t always see the whole path ahead of you, but you can feel the magical string of your inner knowing taking you on your golden Highest Destiny path. Study what you LOVE. Live what you love. Do what you love, even when the world tells you to be “practical, careful, logical, and reasonable”. Life rewards the BRAVE. Life rewards those that trailblazer their own unique path and carve out their own unique way of living and being in the world. You will always be supported when you are being true to yourself. 

And what I continue to discover on the path, is that the more closely you are in true alignment with what you are really meant to be doing in the world, the more the path expands and widens like a sunflower stretching open to the sun. Things come to you effortlessly, and grace prevails the path…because when you are in internal alignment, you are simultaneously in alignment with All of Life and Creation. You are serving something much greater then yourself when you come into full alignment and live from the internal impetus of direction, action, inspiration and creation. 

Everything and anything is possible. 
Everything and anything is possible.
Everything and anything is possible.

~ Nicole