My Dream

Last night I had a dream where I was being chased by these strange men. I was running and hiding, and eventually in the dream I woke up in the dream, and realized it was just a dream I was in; and that the characters chasing me were only projections of my imagination. 

I knew with certainty that they were not real, while still being IN the dream. As soon as I knew it was just a dream, instead of running away, I went running directly towards them FEARLESSLY and FIERCELY! Instead of being controlled by fear, I was liberated in freedom. How can you be afraid of something any longer when you know its not real? When you know its just an illusion? Just a play? I started to hunt them, instead of being their prey.

I ran towards them; the ones that were chasing me for so long. I confronted them calmly, rooted in this clear knowing of truth that they didn't exist in reality. As I looked into their eyes, I told them rather matter of factly that they simply didn't exist in reality, and I knew they were only illusions created in this dream. Then they disappeared. 

When I really woke up in bed, I felt and knew that this reality we are in is also just a big dream. I am still dreaming now, yet I call this "reality". What is true reality—beyond the dreamer and the dream? What is truly real?

Many pictures and dreams. Many ilusions. Many dreams being dreamed simultanesouly all the time in this matrix. In a way, we are all in our own dream. Living heaven or living nightmares; and many spectrums in-between. 

Yet, when we are so strongly and clearly anchored in the truth of reality, and see clearly—all the games, illusions and projections simply disappear in the realization of Truth. 

Nothing else has power over you anymore. 
Nothing else threatens your existence.
When you start to run towards those things that you once were running from, you become the Light that dissolves the darkness of ignorance and disillusionment. 

This life is a big dream testing us in faith, initiation, courage and the ability to see reality clearly...even when it really feels 'real'. To go beyond whats feels real, into true knowingness. 

Clear seeing. Clear knowing. The eye of All. 

~ Nicole Hemmer