What do you do when you feel the collective pain of the world? ☾ ✞ ☽

What do you do when you feel the entire suffering of the earth within your own being? 
What do you do when you feel the currents of negativity moving through you? 

This is what has been present for me the past few days.

I went to an event here in Tel Aviv a few days ago, with the intention to connect with sisters here in Israel. At the end of the circle, I was experiencing shooting pain in my heart center--consistently. I could barely walk out of the room as the pain in my heart was so strong and intense. I felt so much darkness, heaviness, pain, and suffering moving through me. It was not personal suffering, but the collective suffering that was present in the room from all the women. During the event I felt all the emotions of the women within my own body, and at the end I felt like I had taken on the pain of the room. Or the pain had entered me.

As I sat in the car, I took a moment to breathe. 
To be with all this darkness inside me. To allow it to be there.
Usually, my natural state of being is in a state of love, joy and lightness. 

All this heaviness that I was feeling was like a foreign entity that had invaded my system. I felt strong negativity, irritation, frustration and the undercurrents of bitchiness within my system. All just forms of one main energy--pain. All of this was not who I am, and I was witnessing all this heaviness within me from my I AM presence. Fully seeing it with awakened consciousness. Watching it move through me...seeing how these subtle energies affected my thoughts, my temperament and mind.

The next day, I went to nature and sat beside a lake in the forest to transmute these energies moving within me. I sat in meditation for hours, being still...breathing...allowing...fully feeling all of it. 

The more strongly we are rooted in our True Nature, the more challenges will come to see how deeply we know ourselves to be the Infinite Light. 

Even darkness and pain, wants to be transmuted into the Light.

If we don't have an awareness of our Essential Being, it can be much more challenging to remain centered in our True Nature when negativity, pain and darkness washes through. Some people get consumed by these currents; and act, react, speak and become one with the pain--as opposed to having a spacious awareness within that has the capacity to SEE it without identifying with it. 

The pain is NOT WHO YOU ARE.

Breathe. Give it space. Allow it to be. 
All forces within will be alchemized and transmuted into our Essential Nature. 

There is a huge wave happening on the Earth right now, a wave of fear...pain...suffering...washing through us all. Some of us feel it more intensely because we are so open. Some may feel their own personal pain coming up, and others feel the collective pain moving through...all in Oneness.

The path of a yogini= to transmute everything within into pure love.

Remember, the Love that you are is the solidity of God.
Don't be afraid of the darkness. 

When we all bring presence and consciousness to the suffering within and without, the world will be transformed--and a new Earth will be birthed. There is so much Light and high frequencies streaming into the Earth at this time, which is why so much darkness and pain is coming to the surface to be released; individually and collectively.

We are all in this together. <3

For all my Family of Light on this Earth, stay true to the essential core of your being that KNOWS what is real. The part within that knows Truth. You know Who You Are. The Light of Consciousness will burn everything that is not of its true nature, back into its pure essence of Love. 

The waves are strong currently, yet your Light, Presence and Consciousness is even stronger then anything of this world. Stay rooted in your Eternal Nature, and burn as the true embodiment of Divinity that is encapsulated as the light of your soul.

The Earth needs us all now more then ever to be beacons of light, so that planetary transformation can happen with the highest Dispensation of Grace.

I am with you all.

All my love and heart wide open.


☾ ✞ ☽