Our Sacred Embodiment of the Feminine is Restoring the Planet

Tonight we had a beautiful Sacred Women Circle on the beach here on the magical island of Kauai under the stars. Five sisters came together in circle from Australia, Ecuador, Sweden, Canada and the USA. Sisterhood is medicine. Sacred Women Circle's are healing, transformative and pure nourishment for the soul. We lit candles and had shells, sea stars and a beautiful pink conch shell as our alter centerpiece. We reflected to each other the great mystical beauty that we are...the infinity that we emanate through every cell of our being. The sparkling God essence that shines through our eyes...the individuated spark of life that we are. With presence, expression, authenticity, touch, massage, giving + receiving and reflecting each other's true nature back to each other; something within was sparked alive under a sky filled with twinkling stars smiling down at us. 

It was my first time doing a Sacred Women Circle outside under the stars at night by the ocean. We ate fresh ripe guava and papaya...chanted and beheld each other in our divinity, light and pure beauty. 

My realization tonight is that healthy relationships amongst women are so important. An old paradigm of gossiping, back stabbing, competition and hurting each other is so DONE. The birthing of the feminine is one of supporting each other to rise into our greatness. For all to RISE. 

Amongst women, we have the power to support other women to rise in our presence...to inspire, uplift, elevate and encourage each other...and at the same time we have the capacity to destroy each other and push each other down. We have the power to see each other's beauty and affirm the goodness within each other, and we have the power to break another women's heart with our impure words and actions. We can see each other as sisters or we can see each other as competitors. We can love each other up, or we can throw each other down.

The time is now.

Our sacred embodiment of the feminine is restoring the planet. Anything that is not in alignment with the Great Mother is shifting out. The old cannot withstand the new birthing that is happening within each of us. 

May we rise--and support each other. Uplift each other and love each other.

I realized tonight that it doesn't matter how self realized or "enlightened" you are as a woman, if you are not capable of cultivating healthy relationships with other humans in mutuality, honor, respect, integrity and love. The walls and veils of hierarchy are done. We do not worship one woman as the Goddess, we worship the Goddess within ourselves and in each Sister we see...and in every breath of life and every spark of creation. Every single woman on this Earth embodies the Divine Mother. Lying and manipulating others is done. Abuse of power is done. True power is gentle and strong, not forceful and domineering. We never have to intimidate others with our power when we truly know what real power is. The Earth is screaming for all of us to remember and wake up from all the distortions, separation and brutality. 

May we be it.

~ Nicole Hemmer