At the Airport in Marseille

Today something happened that I have never experienced before when traveling. I booked a flight from Marseille to Berlin yesterday afternoon. I felt this pull to return to Berlin after traveling the past 3 weeks in Europe, and I also wanted to attend an event tonight that was happening at 7pm in Berlin. The flight I originally booked would have arrived in Berlin at 4pm. When I woke up this morning I got a notification from German Wings that my flight was delayed 3 hours from 11:10am to 2:10pm. I have never had a flight been delayed 3 hours in all my years of traveling. I arrived at the airport at 12:30pm and went through security and waited at the gate. Then I received another notification that my flight was being delayed to 3:30pm. As I was sitting in the airport waiting, I started to really go within and check whether I was meant to take this flight that I booked. In all the other times I have travelled, there has been much ease and grace...and never a long delay like this. This was the first time I was experiencing multiple delays and being stuck in an airport for such a long time (which is not my favorite place to be stuck for so many hours when you are extremely energetically sensitive and an empath). 

I continued to wait, and then I received another notification that my flight was being delayed yet again until 4:10pm. What are the chances? By this point, I really wasn't so sure I was meant to take the flight...and something felt really off. In my life experience, when multiple things start to go wrong its really a warning sign for me to pay attention and have a greater awareness of my next steps. 

As they started to board, I started to feel sick...and it didn't feel good to get on the plane. Yet at the time, even not having a good feeling about boarding the flight wasn't a strong enough sign for me to not board the flight; so I asked for another sign as a confirmation. Life always gives us signs and communicates with us through synchronicity and events if we are willing to see the deeper meaning and messages being relayed through these events. As I was lined up to board, and one of the last people in line the man scanned my boarding pass and it was rejected by the system. He scanned it again, and it wasn't working. Then he told me that I *WASN'T* even checked in for this flight!!! (...when I checked in online yesterday, and also double checked this morning again that I was checked in after receiving the first notification of my flight delay). Wow.

By this moment, I had such strong goosebumps go through me....and felt this wave of energy in my crown chakra which is a strong sign for me to be aware and really listen. I knew in that moment that I wasn't supposed to get on that plane. I couldn't get on the plane. Logically and rationally it didn't make any sense, yet it seemed like all of Life was trying to tell me not to fly today. Everyone else boarded and I knew I couldn't get on the plane with seeing all the signs and messages that were telling me not to. I asked the man if anyone else had the same problem today with their boarding pass and not being checked in and he said nobody else--only me. Out of 106 people boarding the plane, my boarding pass was the only one being rejected by the computer system and was mysteriously not "checked in" for this flight. Could the signs be any clearer?

So I have one more night in Provence...just had a bath, drinking tea and laying down with a candle lit beside my bed. Trusting life. Trusting the signs, even when in this moment I have no idea why I wasn't meant to take that flight today. This has never happened before in my life. I do know that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes not getting what you want is a touch of grace. In this moment I don't have the answer...maybe I will know one day, or maybe I will never know why I wasn't meant to fly today--what I am sure about is that there is a higher force that we can call God/Life/Universe (our expanded Self) that always takes care of us and is able to see the whole picture, even when my human self doesn't always have the answers. Surrender and trust