This is [not] the Feminine.

This year has been a year of major initiations for me. The stronger the calling I have felt to do this Sacred Feminine work with women around the world, the more I have experienced the shadows of the feminine coming to the be seen, transmuted and cleared. The more committed I am to unifying women, bringing women back together in sacred circle, sisterhood, restoring the sacred feminine light and embodying the Divine Feminine; the more I have been faced with the unhealthy aspects of the feminine--jealousy, gossiping, competing, backstabbing, controlling, bitchiness, and manipulation. This is [not] the Feminine. These are distortions.

The template of true sisterhood is already in us.
The pristine essence of sisterhood is true, beautiful, pure and clear.
Authentic womanhood.

Something that I have noticed recently, is that a woman may think that her "inner masculine" is just fine, and want to now strengthen her connection to her “inner feminine”, without even realizing that what she may perceive as her “healthy” masculine energy is actually not healthy masculine energy at all. It’s the shadow of the masculine, and an Inner Patriarch that resides within disguised as the masculine. 

“What we mistake as “fine” is our unconscious submission to our inner Pushers, Perfectionists, Controllers and Critics—or our Inner Patriarchs. What most of us consider to be “masculine” is the deranged, patriarchal masculine—one that is equally damaging to men and women. We mistake the inner Patriarch for the Divine Masculine. He’s what brings us to women’s work in the first place. In this way, we come here believing that the “masculine” is the problem and the answer is to completely shun this part of ourselves by focusing only on our “feminine”.” -Sara Avant Stover, The Book of She: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power.

Yet, its really the integration and wholeness of both energies within that bring us back into true union.

True masculine energy expressed through a man or a woman, exerts power WITHOUT force and manipulation. 
Rooted in the heart and in service to love, for all beings.

True power is gentle and strong, not forceful and domineering.
True power is gentle and strong, not forceful and domineering.
True power is gentle and strong, not forceful and domineering.

May we all recognize the last threads of patriarchy that are not just reflected externally in the world (or in men), but also are silently operating within ourselves…and in us women: domination, control, forcefulness, aggression, manipulation, power over others etc. The patriarchy is not just ingrained in men, its also programmed deeply within the psyches of women. This is what has been brought to the light recently for me to see. Being physically a woman, yet run by the Inner Patriarch. 

Just as the purity of the sacred feminine is growing and being restored now on a global level, the true healthy divine masculine is very much needed in union with the sacred feminine. I love, respect, honor and bow to the true Divine Masculine within men and women. The shadows of the masculine and the feminine are complete. For us to birth a new world and future thats in alignment with what we all know is possible, the purity of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine templates need to be resurrected and restored back into its original purity, and this means the complete transmutation of any distortions in these fields. As within, so without. ☥

~ Nicole Hemmer